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Aldwick Parish Council



Aldwick Beach Welcome to Aldwick Parish Council. The Parish Council represents the first layer of government and we monitor local amenities such as rights of way, dog bins and playgrounds.  We are responsible for the thriving local allotment site and we have also contributed to drainage clearance schemes in our area with the collaboration of Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council.

We hold regular committee meetings for Planning, Amenities and Finance as well as Council meetings where decisions made at these committees are ratified.  

Planning Committee Meetings:  all planning applications for our Parish are heard at these meetings and our comments are passed to the Planning Authority at Arun District Council.

Finance Committee Meetings govern the conduct and financial management of the Council.

Amenities Committee Meetings cover all aspects of the Parish with the exception of planning and finance.

Full Council Meetings are held every six weeks to hear the proposals from the above committees and any other matters that may be pertinent. 

Members of the public are welcome at all our meetings and are invited to make their views heard.


Each summer, we organise and finance Play Ranger sessions for our local young residents and we also dispense grants to local charities and organisations for specific projects. 

We have recently worked in partnership with Arun District Council to upgrade the play facilities at Avisford Park and at Queen's Field, West Meads.

Please use the links to find information about your Parish Council and the local community.

Boundary Map of Aldwick




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