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Planning Committee Archive 2013

Planning Agendas and Minutes

7th January 2013 Agenda 7th January 2013 [pdf] 57KB Minutes 7th December2013 [pdf] 88KB
21st January 2013 Planning Agenda 21st January 2013 Planing minutes 21st January 2013 [pdf] 110KB
4th February 2013 Agenda 4th February [pdf] 58KB Minutes 4th February 2013 [pdf] 91KB
18th February 2013 Agenda 18th February 2013 [pdf] 88KB Minutes 18th February 2013 [pdf] 94KB
4th March 2013 Agenda 4th March [pdf] 91KB 4th March Minutes 2013 [pdf] 109KB
18th March 2013 Agenda 18th March [pdf] 83KB Minutes 18th March [pdf] 103KB
3rd April 2013 Agenda 3rd April [pdf] 73KB Minutes 3 April [pdf] 104KB
15th April 2013 Agenda 15th April [pdf] 66KB Minutes 15th April [pdf] 109KB
29th April 2013 Agenda 29th April [pdf] 58KB MINUTES 29TH April [pdf] 88KB
13th May 2013 Agenda 13 May [pdf] 69KBAgenda 13 May [pdf] 69KB Minutes 13th May [pdf] 96KB
28th May 2013 Agenda 28th May [pdf] 60KB Minutes 28 May [pdf] 98KB
10th June 2013 Agenda 10th June [pdf] 59KB Minutes 10th June 2013 [pdf] 99KB
24th June 2013 Agenda 24th June [pdf] 70KB Minutes of 24th June 2013 [pdf] 104KB
8th July 2013 Agenda 8th July [pdf] 58KB 8th July Minutes [pdf] 92KB
22nd July 2013 Agenda 22nd July [pdf] 69KB Minutes 22 July [pdf] 92KB
5th August 2013 Agenda 5th August 2013 [pdf] 102KB Minutes 5th August [pdf] 100KB
19th August 2013 Planning Agenda for 19th August [pdf] 64KB 19th August Minutes [pdf] 101KB
2nd September 2013 Agenda 2nd September 2013 [pdf] 131KB Minutes 2nd September [pdf] 96KB
16th September 2013 Agenda 16th September [pdf] 59KB Minutes 16th September [pdf] 92KB
30th September 2013 Agenda 30th September [pdf] 62KB Minutes of 30th September [pdf] 102KB
14th October 2013 Agenda 14th October [pdf] 86KB Minutes 14th October [pdf] 104KB
28th October 2013 Agenda 28th October [pdf] 63KB Minutes 28th October [pdf] 106KB
11th November 2013 Agenda 11th November [pdf] 87KB Minutes 11th November 2013 [pdf] 101KB
25th November 2013 Agenda 25th November [pdf] 61KB Planning Minutes 25th November 2012 [pdf] 101KB
9th December 2013 Agenda 9th December [pdf] 95KB Minutes 9th December [pdf] 111KB
16th December 2013 Planning Agenda 16th December [pdf] 25KB Minutes 16th December [pdf] 57KB